Congratulations to the newly elected Directors of Indian Hills Water District Board of Directors.

On May 8th, 2018 the Indian Hills community turned out for this important community vote with a record 245 people voting for three 4 year director positions and two 2 year director positions. 

The new directors were all sworn in during the public Indian Hills Water District Board of Directors meeting held last Thursday May 17th.

4 Year term:  Dave Mosby, Scott Ryplewski, and Marianna Kristoff

2 Year term:  Craig Levy and Samantha August


Below is the breakdown from the votes recorded, as per the Certificate of Election Returns for the Indian Hills Water District Board of Directors Election.

For the three 4 year director positions:

Scott Ryplewski received: 157 votes 

Dave Mosby received: 132 votes

Marianna Kristoff received: 119 votes

Michael Cunningham received: 89 votes

Tony Pesce received: 74 votes

Emery Carson received 63 votes

Nelson Goodreau received:  12 votes


For the two 2 year director positions:

Samantha August received: 182 votes

Craig Levy received: 128 votes

Kevin Rees received: 61 votes

Jerry Kahl received: 27 votes

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